The Cooks

Heather Valli (me): Born in the Midwest, I’ve lived in NC for several years now. I’ve been a vegetarian, tried low-carbing, and am now a strict adherent to the “tasty food” diet.

Shirley Valli: My mom. Many of the recipes in this blog are hers. Born in Saginaw, MI, Mom traveled around South and Central America before getting married and starting a family in MI. She came from German, English, and Dutch stock, but experimented with several cuisines.

Eda Valli: My paternal grandmother. Born in Michigan’s Upper Penninsula to Finnish immigrants, Grandma Eda made a number of good dishes.

Irene Valli: Born in Duluth, MN, of Swedish American ancestry, Irene married Grandma Eda’s brother. After Grandma Eda and her brother passed away, Aunt Irene married Grandpa Venner, and fed all of his family really, really well whenever we’d visit.

Hulda Mae “Maisie” Small (neé Wiltse): Mom’s mom grew up on a farm in Saginaw Valley, MI. A number of Mom’s recipes were originally hers.

Jane Small: Mom’s oldest brother’s wife. A delightful person who gave Mom some nice looking recipes.

[Name] Small: Probably one of Mom’s relatives.

[Name] Johnson: Probably a relative of Grandma Eda Valli, neé Johnson.

Family friends: You know how people will say, “Ooooh, can I have the recipe?” Well, Mom wrote a bunch of them down but rarely recorded the giver’s full name. Hence “Brenda’s cheesecake” and the like. If you’re a family friend and we used your recipe without attribution, please let me know. However, I suspect that most of the family friends are noshing with Mom on the other side of the Great Divide these days.


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